Why Guerilla Marketing?

Many people view guerilla marketing as blending a message with the audience’s environment. While this is guerilla marketing in it’s simplest form, there are variations on this theme that our team spends our focus.

Today’s digital marketing landscape requires taking chances to expand our opportunities in the most visited environments. Smaller agencies and teams do not always have the resources to push out into these spaces like much larger enterprises do, so its necessary to even the playing field by being disruptive through automation.

We all know content marketing is an extremely effective form of reaching new audiences, but as new media forms hit the landscape, how do we convert more content to these formats? For most of us it involves automation.

Some look at automation as “cheating”. After all, how can it be truly organic if its automated? That’s the wrong question. The correct question is whether our content meets the user’s needs. If so, how it can it be cheating?

Much like SEOs talk about white hat vs. black hat….the truth is that there are no hats. Outside any onsite enhancements you make to your own website, search engines view all other attempts at improving your rankings as “manipulation” and against their “rules.” So if you pursue all avenues to improve your search engine results, you are breaking their rules. They want to be the sole arbiters of who should get search engine traffic, so they determine the algorithm for giving these results.

So, if they make the rules, then we will work around the rules.

Automation is the tool that breaks the barriers that confine most businesses. Leveraging automation suddenly improves a business’ ability to get leads and sales when following the search engines “rules” attempt to make it impossible.

We believe automation forms a democratic marketing landscape where small business and agencies can compete. Automation is part of the Guerilla Marketing toolkit. At YIVE, we are committed to make digital automation software that evens the playing field for the little guy.

Product Launch: YIVE 3.0

We are pleased to announce the launch of YIVE 3.0. Our latest version of YIVE is a giant leap forward in video marketing automation, conquering territory that few, if any, applications can cover.

In this product we introduce our account onboarding feature to enable automated uploading of your video campaigns to your YouTube channels. Adding accounts is easy, whether you add them one-at-a-time or use our bulk uploader. We have a complete tutorial inside to show how it is done.

Additionally we introduce a complete remake of the SMB campaign type, by launching Spintax Campaigns that enable detailed customization of video content during the creation and distribution process. A complete tutorial is available inside the training area.

We have revamped the Keyword Campaign type to include currently ranked and re-written content for complete unique content creation for your keywords. We kept the set-and-forget ease of launching and maintaining this campaign type.

We have introduced the Auto Dealer Campaign type which automates the process of turning dealer inventory into sales videos. Be sure to check out how easy this campaign type is to run.

Based on feedback, we have added the Multiple URL campaign type to allow you to batch URLs from your websites and convert that content to videos. This provides a lot of flexibility in content distribution as well.

Lastly, we included a re-built campaign type to use your own videos with a large distribution plan. This “Remix” style of campaign will make your life way easier when it comes to your own non-YIVE videos you make.

Of course we made many updates to the Dashboard and Support system to make it easy to find your data and submit support tickets to our team. We updated our asset library to include both video and image content for your use in both personal and commercial video projects.

We also added a critical new feature for your client videos, called Custom Asset Buckets, where you can use your own assets (or client assets) to make videos in your campaigns, the ultimate is massive customization.

We encourage you to signup and try the new YIVE 3.0 for yourself.