Stacker CTR Campaigns

Give Your Website Rankings The Boost They Need

Boost SERPs Click-Through-Rate by Keyword

Our Stacker accounts find your Website URL using your keyword search and click.

Boost Session Duration With Keyword Clicks

Our accounts visit your website URL and peruse your website for several minutes.

Boost Website Engagement Activity

Our accounts incrementally perform scrolling and clicks on your website to improve engagement.

Boost Device Signals For Analytics

Our accounts perform all actions on both desktop and mobile screens to improve site metrics.

Nothing To Download or Install
No Proxies Required
No VPN Required
No VPS Required
Access With Web Browser


When you subscribe you agree that you are solely responsible for your use of this system on any website or URL. We are not liable for any account issues after you begin using this system.

Stacker CTR Lifetime Pricing

One-Time Payment

20,000 Credits Per Month

Automatic credit renewaL each month
1 Click = 1 Credit


Stacker CTR Campaigns faq

Frequently Asked Questions

Do These Credits Expire?

You must use your credits each month, they do not accrue or rollover.

Do I need my own accounts in the system for this to work?

No, Stacker CTR Campaigns uses the accounts created by the system.

How many CTR Campaigns can I run simultaneously?

You may run up to 25 campaigns simultaneously. You can schedule up to 2,000 clicks per campaign and we recommend scheduling them over several weeks to maintain rankings until organic clicks take over.

Will It Work on Unranked URLs?

No. Your URL must be on the first 3 pages of SERPs for your keyword for the system to find it and trigger a session.

Can I Access Immediately?

Yes, you will get your login within a few minutes and you can login and start campaigns.