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Keyword & Backlink Tools In One Platform

What is YIVERanker?

YIVERanker is a platform where non-techie marketers can find the best target keywords and automated SEO campaigns to get your website to rank!

Keyword Research Tool

Easily find the right keywords for you to target with your content. With a few clicks, pull and sort metrics that identify keyword targets.

Semantic Keyword Tool

Find important semantic words quickly in a single click. See their frequency and use in headings and subheadings by ranked URLs for your keywords.

Ranking Analyzer

Analyze competitors for any keyword with a single click. Quickly determine the level of difficulty to rank, and find opportunities even with competitive keywords.

Related Keywords Tool

Related keywords help the search engines see your content as thorough and helpful. Gather them quickly with one click.

SEO Campaign System

You’ve written great content, now you need tiered syndication backlinks. Set and forget automation quickly gets you backlinks.

Backlink Inspector

Quickly see and evaluate backlinks to any URL. Learn what links your competitors websites and URLs are getting.

Onpage Optimizer

Analyze any URL for onpage SEO parameters such as page speed and readability. Compare against URLs ranked for your keywords.

Rank Tracker

Easily track your domain and keywords for updated rankings in real time, on demand.

Why YIVERanker?

Easily Find The
Right Keywords

Whether starting a new website, or expanded an existing one, our keyword tools make it quick and easy to find the right keywords.

Easily Get Keyword
Golden Ratio

You no longer need several different platforms to find KGR keywords and begin using those opportunities to get organic traffic flowing.

Easily Find
Semantic Keywords

Semantic words in your content can make or break your onpage SEO. Easily find the common words to include in your content production.

Quickly Find
Related Keywords

We want our content to rank for more than just our primary keywords. We also want those related keywords to get ranked for more.

Score Your
Onpage SEO by URL

Input your URL for our system to scan and score and make recommendations to improve your pages as compared to ranked URLs for your keyword.

Analyze Ranked Competition

Keyword Difficulty is only part of the story. Now you can look at the search results for any keyword with all of the metrics to compare in one click.

Backlink Inspector

Check the backlinks for ranked URLs for your given keyword in a few simple clicks. Evaluate the competition and know how to rank.

Rank Tracker
with a Click

Input your website and keywords and YIVERanker tracks your rankings quickly and easily.

Export Keyword Research
with a Click

We make it easy to export your keyword data so you can work with spreadsheets to your heart's content.

Cloud Hosted

No software to install and configure on your own PC or VPS. It all runs in our cloud infrastructure.

Build SEO Campaigns

Push awesome DA/PA with Web 2.0 backlinks from our syndication network, with additional tiers to power them up.

No Blogs To Build

Use our network of hundreds of thousands of powered-up seasoned niche blogs rather than build new ones.

Add Your RSS Feeds

Want to automate links to your blogs? Add their RSS feeds and the system will backlink each new post when they are published.

Virtual Assistant Access

Provide your virtual employees access to your account to create and manage campaigns for you and clients.

Built-In Strategies

Don't waste time with backlink strategy design. YIVERanker has proven strategies built-in so you can start fast.

Content Engine

Don't want to write content for your campaigns? YIVERanker auto generates A.I. content and inserts your backlinks for you.

Upload Articles

Already have pre-written content you want to use? Just bulk upload it to the system and assign it to campaigns.

Export Reports

Export all links for each campaign in XLS, CSV, or PDF. Easily upload links to any indexing system.

ArticleForge Integration

Add your ArticleForge API key and get great content automatically added to your campaigns for your Tier 1 links.


Video tutorials are easily accessed to help you get started. A bonus is the SEO Beginners Series to help newbies.

Built-In Support Ticket System

Have an issue? Its just two clicks to open a ticket and let our staff know how to help you without using another system.

Want Results Like These?

From no traffic to over 1,000 leads in less than 90 days
from start of using YIVERanker!
Niche: Insurance

Over 300% organic search traffic increase in 2 weeks
from the start of using YIVERanker!
Niche: Home Improvement

Doubled organic search traffic in 45 days
from the start of using YIVERanker!
Niche: Health

What Strategies Does YIVERanker Use?


4 Tiers

Estimated 1000 to 2000
Total Links Per Run


3 Tiers

Estimated 400 to 600
Total Links Per Run


4 Tiers

Estimated 500 to 800
Total Links Per Run


3 Tiers

Estimated 400 to 600
Total Links Per Run

YIVERanker Won't Do You Any Good Without TRAINING!

YIVERanker comes with the full Beginner SEO training bundle

What Do Our Users Say?

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are Web 2.0 Backlinks and why do I need them?

These are links from public social platforms that are able to provide your site with authority that is relevant to your niche. A natural, healthy backlink profile contains these links coming to your content on a consistent basis. This results in improvement in search engine rankings for your content, which results in more organic traffic to your website.

How does the credit system work?

You will use credits to run the keyword tools and syndication backlink campaigns. These links are 1 credit = 1 link. Keyword tools use 2 credits per keyword, 1 credit for KGR check, 100 credits for Rank Analyzer check.

Do I need a Desktop or VPS to run YIVERanker?

No, this is cloud-based and can be accessed from any device with a web browser.

Do unused credits rollover?

No, they are an allotment for the month to prevent exceeding usage limits.

Do I need Proxies or Captchas?

No, YIVERanker handles all proxies, captchas, and other services needed to build links. You do not need any other services.

Can I buy more credits if I want them?

There are separate buy links for them in the admin. Those credits DO rollover if unused.

YIVERanker Plans

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14-Day 100% Refund Policy

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Starter Plan

20,000 Credits / month

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