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Powerful SEO Automation

Keyword Tools That Simplify Finding Opportunities

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Launch Content Syndications In Less Than Two Minutes

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Powerful A.I. Content Generation

Generate Content For Any Topic or Keyword

Articles Generated in Less Than 1 Minute

Use in All YIVE Tools or Any External Projects

YIVEWriter Testimonials

“I was skeptical, but I put in a keyword and in less than a minute I had my article. I am VERY impressed; it's very readable, it doesn't have repetition or filler.”

“WOW - very impressed with YIVEWriter (and I've tried other AI writing software.) Entered my keyword and it returned a great article containing 7 tips to consider - some of which I wouldn't have thought of at all!

I then tried a more specific but related search term. Again - WOW. Article was easy to read, good tips, sounded very natural, and required NO EDITING.

Great software!"
Diana R.
“I would fully recommend YIVEWriter based on the current features. We have been using YIVEWriter in creating well-written content that can be used for articles, blog posts and other written pieces.

Following the process and guidance from Marcus, we have our VA using the tool set from the YIVEWriter and best practices to create quality content for YIVESites and Videos.

We will continue to build upon our current website network for clients and affiliate marketing business to use the YIVEWriter and other YIVE tool features.”
John H.
“For the little bit of content guidance the results are awesome. It performed great at creating the type of content that is needed for each using directly a keyword from google autosuggest.

I recommend it to anyone needing assistance with content.”
David Jesaias



Generate Videos With Automation Tools

Build Dozens of Video Variations From a Single Piece of Content

Generate Videos Automatically From Any Content Feed Source

Upload Videos To 4 Different Video Platforms

Automated Video Distribution and Syndication Extends Reach Easily

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