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STOP Struggling with cheap web hosts and plugins that don't work with your website!

What is YIVESites?

YIVESites is a platform where non-techie marketers can easily deploy new websites for their network, including automations for content creation, SEO, affiliate products, Amazon products, content syndication, and news publication.

YIVESites Monetization

Ad Clicks

Add your own ad code using Adsense or other programs.

Affiliate Sales

Quickly deploy new affiliate sites  or link to your favorite products.

Client Services

Easily deploy new SEO link services for clients for monthly fees for a fraction of the cost.

Why YIVESites?

Cloud Hosted

No more time wasted with getting your host to play nice with your website. We take care of everything on our cloud infrastructure and CDN.

No Plugins

No more frustration with getting plugins to work on your website. All functionality built into the system and always ready when you are ready to work.

Content Automations

Content Automations that build your site on auto-pilot, using a variety of functions such as Affiliate Data Feeds, Video Channel Feeds, RSS Feeds, News API and more.


Built-in monetization options that enable you to easily integrate affiliate networks and ad networks.

One-Click Site Creation

Start a new website with a single click. Add your own domain or use a YIVESites subdomain. Select one of 50+ IP addresses.

SEO Tools

Follow the SEO tools in the website admin to tweak your content for maximum search-engine love. We make it easy for you to tweak your site for rankings.

YIVESites Features

Datafeed Stores

Integrate Datafeedr affiliate feeds via API and build stores for all of your approved vendors automatically.

Amazon Niche Blogs

Quickly build compliant Amazon Affiliate niche blogs and load with products based on keywords or ASINs.

Video Autoblogs

Use the integrated keyword video engine to build Video Autoblogs 24/7/365 using YouTube Content.

News Autoblogs

Integrate news articles automatically into your blog on auto-pilot with focused keywords and sources.

Social Feeder Autoblogs

Build content from RSS sources to automatically share to your social media channels and drive clicks to you.

Keyword Niche Autoblogs

Use the internal content generator to seed your blogs with keyword-rich content on auto-pilot

RSS To Post

Automate content generation with RSS feeds from your favorite niche sources or other RSS Feed Tools.

News API Integration

Connect to News API and launch niche news sites using verified news content alongside your niche content.

ArticleForge Integration

Connect your ArticleForge account for ongoing keyword-rich content on auto-pilot, 24/7/365.

Automated Interlinking

Automatically link your content to internal pages, external websites, or authority websites by keyword; set and forget.

Ads Integration

Ads your ad network code into your websites and start monetizing sites right away.

Automated PBN Monetization

Build your PBN, connect your domain, and integrate it with our built-in monetization program.


Use our integrated Analytics or easily add Google Tag Manager for easy install of Google Analytics, Pixels, and Tracking.

Custom Domains

Map your own custom domain names to any of your sites. Pick from over 40+ server IPs during site creation, automatically includes SSL.

Virtual Assistant Login

Assign your own Virtual Assistants to any or all of your sites. Give them their own login and set their access permissions.

Drag n Drop Form Builder

Use our integrated drag-and-drop form builder to easily build forms without code. Connect them to your newsletter system.

Integrated Image System

No more hunting for images for your content. Use our integrated image library of millions of images, no additional cost.

Integrated Support System

Our dedicated support team can handle your support questions right inside the integrated ticket system.

What types of websites
does YIVESites make?

News Websites

Magazine Sites

Affiliate Stores

Niche Blogs

Video Sites

Private Blog Network

Example Automated YIVESites

Some of our Reviews

What Do Our Users Say?

yivesites faq

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to buy hosting or any other plugins?

You will not need a hosting account because YIVESites is a cloud-hosted solution. There are no plugins to buy. Users who want to use the robust affiliate data feeds function should have a Datafeedr.com account for a smooth integration. They publish feeds for hundreds of affiliate networks and thousands of vendors instantly.

Can I leave YIVESites if I ever want to?

Yes, you can export your site data as an XML file compatible for WordPress. The automation functionality will no longer work for your site, but the content that has already been published can be moved.

Can I sell the websites?

Yes, but you must have a YIVESites monthly subscription to SELL any website in YIVESites to a 3rd party. You will be able to provide a login to a buyer only granting admin access to that website, however your account subscription must be active for them to access the site.

Can I use my own domain names?

Yes, you can map any domain you own to any site you create in YIVESites.

Can I give access to my Virtual Assistant?

Yes, you can provide a permissions-based login for your virtual assistants.

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